Bryan County News: Mastodon Tooth found near Savannah

When 10-year-old Joanna “JoJo” Bayens went hunting for crab at her grandparents’ dock on Marsh Creek Lane last Tuesday, she expected to find her usual catch of crustaceans. When she started exploring, however, she found something she never would have imagined in the small creek bed — a fossilized tooth belonging to a prehistoric American […]

Coastal Courier | Finding a shark tooth

By Lauren Hunsberger Staff writer Updated: July 8, 2009 10:31 a.m. Name: Bill Eberlein Occupation: Instructor at Savannah Tech and Premier Systems and Training, Inc. in Savannah Hobby: Fossil and shark tooth hunting — specifically, megalodon teeth, fossils that experts date back two million years ago. How did you get started diving for fossils in […]


Stywe Lyne Tightlines Magazine: Mother of all Sharks (and 6 inch Shark Teeth!)

  The Mother of All Sharks by Bill Eberlein – photos by Shawn Heifert/John Wood   Millions of years ago a giant shark called a Megalodon swam the world’s oceans. This giant shark was ten times larger than the shark depicted in the movie JAWS.  It was massive as the largest whales that live […]


Richmond Hill Reflections: Megalodon Teeth the Prehistoric Prize

Richmond Hill Reflections Prehistoric Prizes – Diving in our Rivers Jul 20th, 2011 by Christine Lucas Photos by Shawn Heifert   Those of you stirred up by the latest of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise might associate treasure with tall ships, exotic waters and devastatingly handsome Johnny Depp wearing too much eyeliner. Diving from […]

Mastodon tooth from 4/2/14

Today I found the largest and the nicest Mastodon tooth that I have ever found. It measures 8 inches long. I found it in the last 5 minutes of my last dive. The route was sticking up from the bottom and I thought it felt like a mastodon tooth. When I turned it over and […]