7 Inch Megalodon Shark Tooth

  7-1/8″ restored Megalodon tooth. In May 2013 I dove off the coast of NC with Al Coffey. I found this 6.80″ chipped Megalodon tooth. It looked like it would have gone over 7″ without the tip damage. So I finally sent it to Matty Swilp of Matty’s Megs. I got it back today. He […]


The Skinnie Magazine: Local Man and Megalodon Teeth

A Local Man and Megalodon Teeth By Lesley Francis Photos by Zsuzsanna Luciano The waterways of our community are of course one of the main reasons that people love the Landings: the number of boating enthusiasts here proves it. However, for one person at least it is what lies in the murky depths of these […]