Two Days, One Huge Megalodon Tooth

Sunday I found this 6.5″ half of a Megalodon tooth diving. I looked all over for the other half with no luck. The next day I dove the same spot and found the other half. It ended up measuring 6.6″. That has happened several times where I will find the other half of the same […]

6.05" Megalodon Shark Tooth

I found this 6.05 Megalodon tooth today.  It was in about 40 feet of water. Absolute ZERO visibility but when I grabbed the root I knew exactly what it was. I spent the next minute trying to see  and feel it to see if it was chipped or broken.  Sometimes you think you have a […]


South Magazine: Killer Jobs

KILLER JOBS South Magazine May 2013 Hunting for Megalodon teeth, inspecting the hulls of giant ships for explosives, washing windows of the city’s tallest buildings—what won’t we do for money? “You couldn’t pay me enough to do that!” That’s usually the response out of people’s mouths when Brady King tells them what he does as […]

5.85" Megalodon Tooth From Today's Dive.

I went diving today and this is the nicest tooth I found.  It measures 5.85″ long and 4.75″ wide.  Most of the teeth from this spot are black and in just ok shape. This one was really nice but the others I found today were normal mediocre teeth. This one is in great condition and […]