Giant Megalodon Tooth found 12/6/11

I just found this giant top quality tooth on Sunday. I was diving along and I saw a small broken tooth just laying there. The current was dragging me along and I went by it. I almost felt that it was not worth my energy trying to fight the current to get back to it. Then I thought that it might be better than I thought so I crawled back to it. This massive tooth was just laying next to it. I could not believe that I saw the other one and completely missed this one. I am really glad I went back to it.

6 inch Megalodon tooth

4 thoughts on “Giant Megalodon Tooth found 12/6/11

  1. kathy says:

    I can not find shark tooth beach in Venice. can you help me or get me a address. I have grandchilden and want to share the fun to enjoy with them the hunt. Thank You for any help Kathy

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