Giant Mako Teeth and Other Finds for the First Week of August

I had a pretty good week of diving. I went to an old spot the beginning of the week where I found some lighter colored teeth. It is a small hole and Sun-Tues I only found three whole teeth.  I will let it sit for awhile before diving there again. Two are in the first photo.

The Mako on the left measures over 2-7/8″. The Pathological Meg on the right has some cool blade twists. The Mako in the center is over 3-1/16″!!

The bone in the third photo has been identified as a giant tortoise humerus. I also found some pretty nice Megs in the forth photo and some other Megs and Makos in the last photo.

3 inch Mako Tooth3 inch Mako Tooth

3 inch Mako Tooth

3 inch Mako Tooth3 inch Mako Tooth