Megalodon Teeth found 05/01/01

I found several Megalodon Teeth the other day.  Most are over 4″ and three are in top condition.  All three have super sharp serrations.  The visibility is still very good and I found a few of these on sight.  It was a good day of diving.

Megalodon Shark Teeth Found 04/30/10

I found seven Megalodon Shark Teeth yesterday.   The nicest was just over 4″ and the second nicest was over 5″.  Both have sharp serrations and tip.  The visibility was better than usual because of slower moving tides.  The 5-1/4″ tooth was just laying there mostly exposed.  I was sure the part of the root that […]

Finds from 04/17/10

I am a little behind posting my finds.  I found one nice tooth and a larger one on 4/17.  The larger one is over 5″ and the nicer one is over 4″.  This is when I moved my boat to a new spot where I could find the 6.92″ tooth in my previous post.