Megalodon Overtime on 5/21

I made my regular dives Friday morning and did pretty well.  The nicest are in these photos.  The largest is 5.5″ with enamel peel and the nicest was this 4.5″ tooth in the last photo.5 inch Megalodon Teeth

After my dives my friend Ray called me up to see if I wanted to check out a new deep hole that they found but had not dove.  I packed all my stuff up and rode over to his place.  Our friend Gene volunteered to drive the boat so we could both dive at the same time.  We tried the new spot and had no luck.  I remembered a place that I dove years ago that was not too far away so we headed over in the boat.  I had not made a dive there because it was so far from my normal sites.  The last dive I made there I did not find much so I never went back.  We went there Friday night and I literally dropped down right on top of a tooth.  I forgot how pretty the teeth from here were.  They have a bit of a blue or greenish look to them.  The photos below ar the nicest teeth from that night.

Top Quality Megalodon teethTop Quality Megalodon Teeth

I had more fun diving with Gene and Ray that night than I had in a long time.  It was a long relaxing trip mixed in with some diving.  It was a really great day of diving.   I slept very well that night and we decided to return the next day for another couple of dives.