Gomphotherium Tooth and Tusk found 05/22

Ray and I dove in the spot we dove yesterday.  I found two really killer teeth.  The first was 5.5″ and the second was just about 5″.  Both are beautiful teeth with a greenish color. 

Gomphotherium ( Mastodon ) toothGomphotherium ( Mastodon ) toothGomphotherium ( Mastodon ) tooth

 I also found a bunch of chipped teeth and a Gomphotherium tooth which is similar to a Mastodon.  this one is almost complete and measures about eight inches long.  Then I found a tusk fragment from either a Mammoth or Gomphotherium.  I find very few of these and finding both on one dive was a real surprise.  We had another great day.

Gomphotherium Toth and TuskGomphotherium Toth and Tusk