Gomphotherium Tooth and Tusk found 05/22

Ray and I dove in the spot we dove yesterday.  I found two really killer teeth.  The first was 5.5″ and the second was just about 5″.  Both are beautiful teeth with a greenish color.   I also found a bunch of chipped teeth and a Gomphotherium tooth which is similar to a Mastodon.  this one […]

Megalodon Overtime on 5/21

I made my regular dives Friday morning and did pretty well.  The nicest are in these photos.  The largest is 5.5″ with enamel peel and the nicest was this 4.5″ tooth in the last photo. After my dives my friend Ray called me up to see if I wanted to check out a new deep hole that […]

Large Jet-Black Megalodon Teeth Found 05/14/10

Visibility was bad today but I found some really nice jet-black teeth.  The largest two are just under 5″ and in nice condition.  All have nice enamel.    The bad thing about the visibility was that three times I reached out to dig and bumped a stingray.  They take off immediately.  It is pretty scarry when […]